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The scary thing is I know what most of these refer to. A couple are a bit too obtuse to know if I do or not.


That is hillarious.

Chris Barrus

"It's a cookbook!"


Hehehe, I always knew that my whining would get me something someday! ;)


Darth Vader is Luke's father.

Beth and Al are still married and have two daughters. Sam never returned home.

Lens cap!

Spoiling you a little more.

Professor Higgins passes her off as a Lady. He's a jerk and takes all the credit, but she forgives him because she's in love.

He makes it out of the town with Gabe, slowly giving the baby all his memories. They find some snow, which could be exciting, but it doesn't matter because they both die.

LaMarc was in on it all along, and he's actually Isabel's dad.

Mister Smile


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