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Awesome. I've done this a few times, most notably with Verisign (evil, evil company) and with one of the three credit reporting agencies (I don't remember which, or which iteration of company names was in effect), and it works. I'm glad to see you detail it!


The classic Art of Turboing suggests going straight to the top, good idea going one rung down. I bet most CEOs get a steady stream of calls and letters from random folks.


I completed the steps you suggest with Verizon about 6 weeks ago. You're right. Sometimes you have to go straight to the top before anyone gets it. We were told that our business dsl problem simply couldn't be fixed for another 6 to 8 weeks. After trying to reach the CEO the problem was solved in about 36 hours.



"Il vaut mieux prier Dieu que ses saints." ;)


As a follow up for the rest of us, is there a secret passage through Palm's web site to retrieve this information? Or must we navigate Palm customer service as you did?


My Sony Customer Experience from Hell Saga [ ] gave me a glimpse of a new form of turboing: the "executive customer care representative". Not just a silly title intended to impress, the "executive" rep is just that - a rep intended for executives who don't have time to mess around with the normal routines of customer service. It got my pathetic laptop fixed ...

Scott...uh, the first one

Scott: If you need this info, try emailing Charles Dupin ([email protected]). He is the admin of the corporate server. He is the one who actually sent me the info.

Jon: They tried to send me to the executive care support. I had already spoken with them. They were the 'escalation' specialists. I flatly refused and asked for contact info that I could write to.


I wanted to thank you for your step by step play of how to complain. I am in the process of doing my research. I wanted to pass on a few websites that have "hit nails on the head" in less than one hour!!! Find ANY Corporate business here. You can investigate phone numbers such as the listed area code. This will give you the state. Once getting the state, it's all down hill to find corporate addresses.

One of these websites when requesting an address for a corporation will actually give you a field of "important people".


Niccceee pagee

Well, by reading this page that, I rather think it's useful except the fact that I couldn't read more and when i clicked on one of the 'words underlined',it took me somewhere else... how exactly do I read the important parts?

Jim Chapman

I am having a terrible time with Epox. The staff are rude and don;t read my messages. They make promises to send information or respond and then fail to do so. I have been without my own PC for three weeks as I need the motherboard checked and they continue to run me around. I have told them I now refuse to pay!

Can anyone help me! Stay away from Epox products!

bad verizon

YOu have the worse customer service ever. My DSL line did not work, called tehnical support , spent 2 hours troubleshooting, Allen (tech) identified the problem and said it was a defected modum and promised to mail a new one overnight. Waited 2 days nothing came, still DSL not functioning. Called again spoke to another tech who said that they did not mail the modum because i did not have a warrenty on the modum. i stated why was not I not called at home and infomred instead of wasting two days of my time without an internet connection which i depend on for my daily life. I requested to speak to a supervisor and spoke to Paul who stated that he will transfer me to customer service for a new modum fee of charge. I was transferred to the wrong department, called customer service , was transferred to billing, and was told that nothing in the notes from Paul , tech supervisor were explaining any of the information above. Had to start all over again and had to be transferred to supervisor of billing , after hours my phone was disconnected tried to call billing again and hold time was 42 minutes. SO I got the run around for a simple problem. I will make sure that everyone I know knows about this poor customer servie with verizon

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