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Oh, ho ho...why don't you just explain to the nice people just why it is that you can't go before you impugn my character...?


I have a date that night.

You have some lame excuse about kids and work or something. Things easily cancelled while MY date has taken me so long to schedule that it takes priority. Satisfied?


But see - here's the difference between the two of us. I was still going to go with you. But you cancelled first. You graciously offered me both tickets - but since my friend is working, I have no one to accompany me now that you blew me off at the last minute.

So instead? I'll look like a hero to a small child who wants a sleepover guest that evening, and a true friend to your readers. And you? You look like someone who threw a friend over at the last minute in order to get lucky.

(of course, we both know a) that I'd have done the same thing if the situation were reversed, and b) I do totally totally understand and will cheer you on from afar...but not without giving you static first, of course...)

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