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Sorry guy! But you're right - you need someone who's in the same cultural sphere as you. :)

We all said from the beginning that if we had to choose between a new job or a new girlfriend for you we'd choose the job, right? Maybe you'll meet your one true love *through* your new job?

Still, it stings and I'm sorry for that.


You're just happy because I get to take YOU to movies instead of a girlfriend! =)

Yes, between the job and a girlfriend, job wins everytime. And don't think I didn't notice that 80% of the people in my new office are women.

The sting? Really not so much. It was nice and I can see how we could have been happy, but I saw a lot of potential pitfalls that I am happy now to not have had to try to avoid. So all in all a positive experience and a good practice run for next time.


I'm glad to hear that you're looking at it so positively - yep, consider it your practice run!

You're going to keep on looking, though - right?


Sorry to hear that, but we all know that it's her loss.


Oh, this is what I get for being occupied with my own idiocies for a while. I'm a couple of days late in responding, but it's a shame she didn't realize what a wonderful guy you are, Scott. Definitely her loss.

Does this mean I can still try to persuade you to be my date for the company Christmas party? It's never too early to start.


If I can get there, sure. But you know, I STILL haven't seen a picture of you, not that it really matters.

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