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I say send her a private email about it if one is available through her blog, just in case she hasn't blogged about being in the dating market or doesn't want her blog readers to know. Definitely contact her one way or another, though. What have you got to lose?


It could be that she found her "one true love" already and that's why she's not on the site anymore . . .

I would say that as long as you phrase it in the least stalkeresque, non-creepy way as possible it'd be okay. :)

But I agree - what do you have to lose?


Do it. Fill in the blanks first, of course.

But definitely, DEFINITELY do it.


Do it.



See, my first reaction was "OMG! Don't do it!" because I could never be so bold. But then I remembered exactly how D and I met and realized how hypocritical it would be of me to say not to do it. ;^) So, uh, Do It! You never know.


Yeah, I'm not moving halfway around the world though.


i guess i'll be the odd one out. i say don't do it. too odd. i'd be taken aback if someone did that to me. perhaps there's a reason her profile isn't online any more?

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