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While I highly endorse the idea of spreading the WiFi net, it probably wouldn't entice me to pay to get into the garden...especially since every time I've been to the garden it's been too crowded to find a place where I would've been able to sit and use a computer, and it would need to be a shady spot in order to see the screen.

Also, there's the issue of people just mooching off the network outside the garden.


I wouldn't think of a non-profit garden as a WiFi access point, and certainly wouldn't go out of my way to go into the garden just for the access. As Jenn said, why go in when I could spot the network outside and access it just as easily?


I was thinking of it as more like an additional reason to visit rather than THE reason.

The Garden is also surrounded by parking lots so someone would have to sit on the sidewalk or car to access. So the mooching off the network wouldn't be so bothersome because it is inconvienent for them.


Well, if people want to mooch, they'll put up with it. If were skint (and didn't already have WiFi at home) I'd sit on the sidewalk or in my car and mooch rather than pay to go in, or pay for access at Starbucks. I'm just sayin'. WarDriving is still a fun pasttime for some.

But still the point remains, are there lots of nice shady spots to sit inside the garden where I'd want to use my laptop for an hour?


Yep, and as of a half-hour ago, just 15 other people in the Garden.


And really, you still need a table even with a laptop.

I'm also not likely to go in the middle of the workday, but hey. ;^)


I'd go. But then again, I'm a fan of using my laptop outside.

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